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September 19, 2022 4 min read

Why Wigs Are Empowering

For many people, wearing a hair system such as a wig or a hairpiece is an expression of confidence, empowerment, and individuality. There are so many reasons you might decide to wear a wig, whether to address hair loss or alopecia or experiment with and accessorize your appearance. Whatever the reason may be, there is no doubt that hair systems provide countless women with the means to express themselves in the way they choose to. 

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Over time, there have been so many positive developments, primarily as the materials and techniques used to construct hair systems become more sophisticated than ever. What's more, celebrities and models are increasingly endorsing the wearing of wigs, openly embracing it as a way to enhance an outfit or celebrate an event. Considering the tremendous impact that they have, it is unfortunate that some stigma continues to be associated with wigs, although this is rapidly changing. 

In the midst of these changes is the perfect opportunity for transparent and honest discussions around hair systems, dispelling any negative connotations and appreciating the fantastic and tangible effects on people's lives. 

A Historical Perspective 

Social attitudes and trends are dynamic and constantly fluctuating, especially when it comes to an individual's appearance. Hair systems are certainly no exception, and society's perception of them has changed throughout history. Several thousand years ago, the Ancient Egyptians would shave their heads and wear wigs to protect themselves from the sun. Records have also revealed that artificial hairpieces were worn by the Romans, Greeks, and the Phoenicians. 

In Ancient Egypt, the way someone's wig was styled or accessorized often indicated their social status and role in society and politics. In many of these societies, wigs were regarded as fashionable and desirable, and wearers made no effort to conceal them. Women's wigs were usually beautifully adorned with braids and gold, hair rings, and ivory ornaments in intricately elaborate hairstyles. 

The Stigmatization Of Wigs

Several decades ago, social attitudes to wigs changed, especially as celebrities perpetuated specific beauty standards throughout popular culture. According to these beauty standards, having lustrous and flowing natural hair was associated with youthfulness and vitality. For this reason, many women, particularly those who turned to hair systems because of hair loss, regarded them with a sense of embarrassment. 

For a long time, women went to considerable lengths to disguise their wigs so that they wouldn't have to admit to anyone that they were wearing one. In some instances, some women were so concerned about the stigma that they didn't even wear a wig in the first place, choosing instead to conceal their hair loss with headpieces, hats, or scarves.

Changing Attitudes

Thankfully, taboos surrounding hair systems have been evaporating. Since the 90s, more and more celebrities such as Rihanna and Katy Perry have been experimenting with wigs. While in the past, people would attempt to disguise their wigs by cutting and dyeing them to be as close to their natural hair as possible, celebrities are exploring countless lengths, styles, and colors without any hesitation. For example, someone might have a daring chin-length bob at a public event, and then a couple of days later, on the red carpet, they can be seen with flowing waist-length tresses. 

Zendaya is another notable example, and during Paris Fashion Week, she changed her beautiful wigs as quickly and effortlessly as she changed her stunning outfits. Everyone knew that it was a wig, and this transparency has started to transform the discourse around wigs and hairpieces. Social media has definitely contributed to this, and this willingness to embrace wearing hair systems has filtered down from celebrities to the average woman. 

Supplementing your hair with a hair system is no longer a secret that has to be hidden but a choice that a woman can make for herself and her lifestyle. Wearing a wig has become as casual an accessory as jewelry or clothing. Many women simply wear one to elevate their appearance for a specific event or a special occasion. Even for those women who wear a wig to address hair loss, it is no longer just a medical solution but a fun and expressive way for them to explore and transform their style in a way that they couldn't before.

Celebrating Hair Systems

Celebrity endorsements aside, the products themselves have undergone dramatic developments, and wigs are more realistic than they have ever been before. Since there are so many styles, lengths, and colors to choose from, you can effortlessly tailor your hair system to align perfectly with your preferences and expectations. 

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Their application is so much easier as well, and once applied, you will probably forget that you are even wearing a wig or a hairpiece in the first place. Modern hair systems are created with light and breathable materials that seamlessly blend into your scalp. Department stores and online outlets also recognize the potential of this rapidly expanding market, and they are offering surprisingly affordable wigs that are accessible to the majority of women. 

For the celebrities and models who wear them, hair systems are a wonderful and unique accessory that can match their outfits or change for specific events. It is this playful and positive approach, however, which has also completely transformed the perceptions of wigs amongst women who turn to them for medical reasons. 

As the stigma and taboo surrounding hair systems continue to evaporate, women are embracing them more openly than ever. After all, wearing a wig requires confidence, creativity, and a passion for personal expression and self-acceptance. This is something that is not only to be celebrated but also shared.