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Our Quality Promise

Our quality promise begins the moment that you make contact with us.

There is a reason why we call you a PARTNER, not a client. 

Throughout each step in the process of finding your clients their best solutions,  you'll have a hair system production expert, a business partner, and ultimately a friend.

Our team understands the sensitive nature of your client's experiences prior to them finding you, and we are intensely dedicated to helping YOU help them. 

We Guarantee:

  • Expert consultation via E-mail, Phone, Text or DM.

  • A comprehensive Pricing Guide to quote your client at will (Don't worry - We're always here to help).

  • Accurate timelines and estimated completion dates.

  • Nearly immediate communication replies

  • An 8-Point Hair System Evaluation prior to final approval & shipment.

The feeling you'll get every time you receive your client's hair systems is what drives our passion. We always want that feeling to be great. 

We are deeply thankful for the opportunity to serve you and your Salon. 

You Matter. 

Your Hair Matters.