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March 07, 2022 2 min read

What happened with HairDirect, and what you can do now.

When Hair Direct closed their virtual doors at the end of January, they left thousands of Hair System users in the lurch. Some clients had prepaid for hair systems, and some had some on order, and now they have nothing and are stuck wondering if they are even going to get a refund. What happened to Hair Direct?

Hair Direct has been a leader in the hair replacement industry for over 26 years. They started as a father and son operation with an ad in the USA Today and slowly grew into a company that made custom hair systems for people worldwide. Hair Direct grew to be the industry's lead and set the standard for quality. It seems that the Covid-19 Pandemic hit them harder than most. Supply chain issues and lead times for custom units began exceeding 18 months, and then they reported that a credit card processor demanded a large reserve of cash. Although they tried to sell to a new buyer, time ran out, closing the company. At the time of closing, 30 employees were left unemployed.

What does the closing of this long-standing company mean for all their customers? Well, some are out of money, time, or both and have been forced to order hair systems all over from somewhere else. Now they must all find new places to order their hair systems. What is the best way to find a new supplier? Check out the tips below.


Find a supplier that has stock units ready to ship.

Here at Your Hair Matters, we have an ample supply of stock systems that are ready to ship from the United States and can be to you or your salon in a matter of days. This can be exceptionally helpful if you or your client have been left in the lurch because of an order from HairDirect that didn’t come through.

Find a supplier that can duplicate your Hair System Now!

Your Hair Matters has one of the best custom unit timelines in the industry. If you need a custom unit, we have a 30-production timeline. Many other large hair suppliers have 12 to 18-month custom unit timelines. Your Hair Matters can get you what you need in no time at all. Give us a call at 844-946-4247 or send us an email at and let us know what HairDirect system you had, and we can get it duplicated exactly. 

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