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November 16, 2022 4 min read

What Happened to Hair Direct? Find Out How Your Hair Matters is Here to Help!


Hair direct had been a leader in the hair replacement industry for over 26 years. The company started as a father-and-son operation with an ad in USA Today and quickly grew into a large custom hair system company for people worldwide. They became an industry leader, setting the standard for quality hair. 

 So what happened that made them close their online store at the end of January? Like with many other companies, the COVID-19 pandemic hit them where it hurts. Supply chain issues and lead times for custom units began exceeding 12+ months. They tried to remain open by seeking alternative solutions, like selling to a new buyer, but unfortunately, they ran out of time and were forced to close the company. Some clients had prepaid for hair systems, and others had hair on order. Now, these customers have yet to get a product and are stuck worrying if they will get a refund. 

 After this massive supplier's sudden and unexpected closure, we here at Your Hair Matters assist hundreds of former Hair Direct customers. Let us take some of the burdens off your shoulders and help make your switch quick and easy. 


How Your Hair Matters is Here to Help!

 As we all know now, Hair Direct is gone. That doesn't mean your search should be complicated or confusing. Here at Your Hair Matters, we have the experience and tools to make your transition easy.

 With our USA-based company, the ordering process is more straightforward and more accessible than ever. We have an abundance of products in stock that are ready to be shipped from the U.S. and can be delivered to your business in a matter of days.

 Your Hair Matters has the best custom unit timelines in the industry, with a turnaround time of 30 production days. Unlike many other hair suppliers, who have a 12-18 months timeline, Your Hair Matters can get you what you need in no time!


Get to Know Your Hair Care Matters

Our company was co-founded by a hair transplant patient who had two failed hair transplants after losing hair at a young age. He was like a breath of fresh air to the company due to his story and his arduous journey exploring hair systems clubs, quality, and accuracy in his own hair systems orders. He had a deep desire to help and educate others so they wouldn't have to go through years of trauma to regain their confidence. 

 Being an American company that only employs skilled crochet artists and hair system designers to handcraft our hair systems is only one of the many reasons our hair is better quality than Hair Direct. Our experts include women, veterans, and even a nurse on staff. We are also partnered with facilities in three other countries, which guarantees access to beautiful hair of all types.


Three Easy Steps to Transition From Hair Direct to Your Hair Matters

With Hair Direct gone, you are more than likely on the lookout for a new hair system. Let Your Hair Matters be that choice for you! 

 It is easy to work with us, and we aim to make this transition as seamless as possible. Below, you will find three easy steps on how to convert and let Your Hair Matters be your new hair system supplier.


Step one: Send Us Your Information

 The best and most efficient approach for ordering a new hair system is to have a spare hair system and send it to us for an exact duplication. When you send us your spare hair system, it allows us to correctly identify your hair system dimensions, the type, and any other characteristics of the unit. 

 If you think the hair color has faded and are worried it won't be correctly matched, we encourage you to also send a hair sample of the correct color. We also offer hair systems to be styled and cut before shipping and can add tape to the areas assigned by you for no extra fee. Our mailing address is Your Hair Matters, 200 Palm Ave. North, #33746, Indialantic, FL 32903. Be sure to include your contact information in your package (i.e., Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Shipping Address).


Step two: Pricing and Payments

 If you send a photo from the underside along with the width and length of your hair system, we can quickly provide an accurate estimate. Pricing varies depending on the hair length, base type, gray percentage over 30%, and hair density. Many hair systems are medium-density, equaling 120%, which is typical for most male hair units. As for women, we like to use a 130% minimum, but it is truly up to you.


Step three: Our Quick Turnaround Times

Our timelines for production are our biggest strength, right alongside the quality of our hair systems. All of our hair systems have a 30-day production timeline. The timeline begins when we receive your system for duplication at our production facilities. We will also update you throughout the process of your hair system. 


Other ways to get in touch with us:

Call us at 844-YHM-HAIR or send us an email at We have a fully-trained staff on board, all of whom are familiar with the Hair Direct process and are waiting to help you transition today! 

 Our main goal at Your Hair Matters is to give you your hair system just like you had before, but even better! We understand once you have been a victim of Hair Direct, it is hard to trust a company to ensure you don't have the same issues again. 

 Our core values are being trustworthy and honest. With one of our co-founders struggling with the same hair journey as most of you, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We can promise to get your quality hair fast with our 30-day production timelines. It is essential to know that shipping occurs after the 30 days, so that most systems will be delivered in about 40-45 days. 

Follow the above steps, send us an email, or call us at 844-946-4247 and trust us to be your new hair system provider.