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Salon Partner Benefits

12 Reasons To Love Being A Your Hair Matters Partner



  1. 1 FREE Hair System, annually for the Salon Owner*

You’ve chosen to work with us and we appreciate that. Consider this our “Thank you.”

*Eligible after $25k in Orders, Max Value $500


  1. 1 FREE Rush Order, annually

We get it – your client has a special life event or emergency. Let us help you with this complimentary upgrade.

  1. A Signature Hair System

Design your Salon’s Signature Hair System. You’ve probably got some favorite systems or materials that you consistently prefer to work with. Maybe you’ve been wishing you could combine the best of a few systems in one.

Now you can! Let’s work together to innovate, design, manufacture, test, and finalize your salon’s very own custom hair system.



  1. A Comprehensive Digital Salon Partner Pricing Guide

Quote your clients immediately. We understand the need to provide accurate information during your initial consultations OR any service while talking about future Hair Systems. Enjoy our Digital Partner Pricing Guide which puts thousands of price quotes right at your fingertips. The web-based booklet is accessible on your computer or smart phone and ensures your accuracy at every moment, in real-time.

Enjoy 35%+ Wholesale Discounts as our Partner



  1. Always Accessible Support

We’ve heard about how difficult it has been to get in touch with other hair suppliers, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve also been privileged enough to have been invited into some of our Partner’s salons and seen just how busy they get.

Let’s connect your way. At any time, you can reach us by:



                Phone Calls

                Direct Messages (DM’s) on social media: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest.



  1. A Tablet Computer with a Branded Digital Hair System Catalog*

Imagine entering a consultation with a digital catalog hosted on a tablet computer. You turn it on, and your Logo and Company Colors are proudly displayed on the front cover. With every page that you turn, the catalog matches your company, not ours.

You can enjoy bright, crisp images and the ability to share the different options with your clients in a professional and streamlined way.

If you choose to create a Signature Hair System with us, we will include it within your custom catalog. We can also add actualbefore and after photos of your client’s transformations.

We will provide you with a tablet and the hosting services for your custom catalog.

BONUS: We can update your catalog periodically over time to provide you the latest and greatest. No more shuffling with books and magazines that have gone out of date.

*This White-Labeling service is offered at a fee of $240/month, about the cost of a stock hair system monthly. To begin the program, a one-time fee of $1,000 will be billed. This will provide for the graphic design, IT support, and Tablet Cost to get you started.

If you are running a larger-scale Salon with multiple stylists, we can load additional tablets with your Custom Catalog. You may purchase additional tablets, but you do not have to pay additional monthly fees for hosting.

The custom catalog may also be accessed on smart phones at no additional charge.

  1. FREE Social Media Services

  • Learn with a FREE Annual Social Media Management Consultation &  Receive a Report of Recommendations.
  • Choose 4 Social Media Posts each Month to Brand with your Logo & Company Colors. We will keep a rotating group of posts that you may review and select from.
  • OPTIONAL: In-depth fee-based Social Media Services.

       8.  FREE Annual EDDM Postcard Campaign*

Send a postcard mailer to your local community to find more clients. We will work with you to research your local town and define the best location and audience for your campaign. We will collaborate with the appropriate marketing copy and engaging graphic design.

BONUS! We will cover the printing costs and work with you to get the items distributed through your local United States Postal Service.

We’re happy to help you expand your business and in return look forward to creating the hair systems your new clients need.

*Eligible after $25k in orders.



  1. YOURS™ Partner Afterpay

Build a new stream of income by offering YOURS™ hair care, formulated for hair systems. Better yet, do it on an Afterpay basis. We understand that building a budget to advance-purchase quality products to carry on your salon shelves may be difficult. Furthermore, you cannot provide your clients with options that aren’t on your shelves.

This is why we are enthused to offer a consignment option. It’s simple. We’ll provide you with 5 sets of full-sized products with 90-day terms. You can pay a partial balance at any time, at your discretion, after your clients purchase. We can even replenish your shelves as needed. You’ve got our trust. 

Enjoy stocking your shelves with nearly $1k in products, on us! Earn 40% on all sales.

  1. 8-Point Quality Checks

Trust that we are working behind the scenes to ensure the highest quality hair system reach you and impress your clients. We perform an 8-Point Quality Assurance check on every hair system, every time.

We continually monitor our production teams to ensure they are selecting quality hair and demonstrating crochet techniques that provide longevity for each system.

We have vetted 31+ production facilities and staffed American production managers at the helm of our primary 3. We have 5 secondary facilities as well.

  1. Territory Protection

We know how important it is to have a transparent relationship with your manufacturing partner. We want you to understand that we do get retail inquiries. Retail inquiries are NEVER offered Salon Partner Pricing (Wholesale). Additionally, if a retail inquiry comes from a location that is within 30 miles of your Salon, we will refer them to you.

We are always excited to help you grow your business. What’s good for you, is good for us!




  1. FREE Hair Systems for Salon Partner Referrals*

Refer a Salon to us and get rewarded with a FREE hair system with a $500 value or less. Refer 5 Salons, Get 5 FREE Hair Systems – this is an unlimited program.

                                *The Free Hair System is awarded when the referral salon has placed $25k in orders.