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What to Expect with a Free Consultation

You deserve transparency. Period. There are many options available to those experiencing Male Pattern Baldness, but oftentimes this process of discovery leads one down disappointing roads. We’ve built this company to provide individuals with an option that is clearly understandable, financially accessible, and has incredibly natural results. No matter what step you’re on in this journey, we’re here for you.

Firstly, we typically talk via Zoom conference calls. It is best for us to be able to visually see your pattern of balding, color, and desired final “look”. It is important for you to download Zoom once you have selected your consultation date and time.

Here is an overview of our typical discussions. These are casual conversations, and we can certainly chat about what else may come to mind.

Ultimately, this is about YOU, not us. You’ll lead the discussion, and we’ll follow.


Getting Started:

  • Your Hair Loss History
  • Your Previous Research & Understanding
  • Your Restoration or Surgical History
  • Your Current Desire for your Hair
  • The Hair System Process
  • The Hair System Types
  • Your Lifestyle
  • Getting the $99 Starter Kit & How it Works


Color Matching & Measuring:

 This call is best scheduled during peak daylight hours.

  • Guide the Color Matching Process
  • Ensure Measurements are Correct
  • Available Options Based upon Color & Size
  • Stock vs. Custom Options & Timelines
  • Ordering Your Hair System



  • Color Matching & Sizing
  • Finding a local Stylist for your Cut-In & Style
  • How to Select an Appropriate Hairstyle
  • Choosing Essential Products for Hair System Longevity
  • Hair Care at Home Schedule
  • Household Enhancements for better Hair Care
  • Oops! Something is Wrong. 911 Emergency How-To.
  • Ordering a Back-Up or 2nd  Hair System to ensure you’ll never be without your hair.

Services Near Me

This call is a concierge style conversation where we can potentially connect you to a stylist in your area that is in our network. We’re ALWAYS happy to help.


We're ready when you're ready.

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