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Words From Our Founder

Our relationship with ourselves determines our relationship with the world:


It can be easy to overlook the importance of our appearance, deeming it a superficial concern, yet the opposite is true. The way in which we present ourselves to the world is intrinsically linked to our identity, our sense of self and our experiences. Put simply, our relationship with ourselves can make or break our everyday. 

The same principle rings true for the fundamental role our hair plays in shaping who we are.


Transforming a personal struggle into a professional solution:


To tell you about my journey with hair requires us to return to the past when I was 22 years old at a time when my confidence, my identity and my sense of self were at an all time low. 

While I didn’t know it at the time, I would come to learn I was experiencing ‘Male-Pattern-Baldness.’ In an attempt to reduce my hair loss, I turned to natural remedies first. From vitamin A to D, fish oil to biotin, minoxidil, and laser hair therapy.  I was desperately seeking out a solution to return my hair to its former healthy state. However, despite my efforts, my hair loss continued while simultaneously my confidence plummeted. Reflecting on this period, I’ve learned from my experiences that there is a direct link between our aesthetic appearance, our relationship with ourselves, and our quality of life. When we don’t feel happy within our own skin, how can we expect to feel happy with the world around us?


From failed surgery to a solution:


Not all hair transplant consultants apply a transparent approach to their clients. For example, clients with a slight receding hairline are likely to show the best results, while individuals with hair loss beyond this do not. This lesson in particular taught me that a transparent, honest, and informed approach is fundamental to a patient's expectations matching the end results delivered to them. 

Despite the first failure of the surgery, my emotional state led me to request a second procedure which ultimately was denied by the Doctor. He informed me that my hair would never become the vision which I desired. To provide me an alternative solution, the facility introduced me to the leading Hair System Club in America. Similarly, the club lacked a transparent approach and charged significant fees for service, including an up-front lump-sum fee in the thousands of dollars to merely enter the club. 

After years of expensive and disappointing treatments, I was finally able to access a solution which proved affordable, effective, and empowering. 


When you lose, don't lose the lesson:


What I also want to say is that I have been where you’re standing, experiencing the same struggles, grief and personal crisis which you too are enduring, and that’s exactly why I’m writing this.

To tell you I’m here, that I understand, and that I’m listening to you. With the deepest sincerity, I want you to know: Your Hair Matters. 

I’m a message, email or phone call away, so if my story resonates with you, you’re looking to find a solution, or you would simply like to reach out, then I’d love to hear from you. Because, I’m here to ensure your experience is the opposite of mine, founded on transparency, honesty, and effectiveness.