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 Question about Maria Devilla - What should the nape strap be made of?

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 Maria Devilla What circumference? ANSWER


CATALOG Bases Ordered by YHM Clients List of competitor base types that clients have ordered along with the quantity that have been ordered in the past
FACTORIES NEW!!! QUOTES & ORDERS - DORA All things related to orders with Main Factory: Qing Dao Future Hair - Dora

Quotes, Orders, Shipments to Factory, Return With Orders at the office (templates, hair swatches, order sheets that were not sent to the factory), Open Issues Tracking, Refunds/Errors, Remakes
FACTORIES YHM YOKO - RARE HAIR - QUOTES & ORDERS (YHM OWNED) Rare Hair: Quotes, Orders, Shipments to Factory, Open Issues Tracking, Refunds/Errors, Remakes
FULFILLMENT SHIPPING AND RECEIVING MASTER SHEET Incoming Client Packages: packages of templates and swatches that a client has said they are sending to us for custom orders

Items In House: Client orders that have not yet been assigned to a factory to be created

Dora Shipments: Breakdown of all shipments sent to Dora with the full contents of each box sent

Yoko - Rare Hair Shipments: Breakdown of all shipments sent to Yoko with the full contents of each box sent
FULFILLMENT STOCK SYSTEM QUOTES & INVENTORY Stock Inventory: list of all stock pieces in house and incoming from factories

Chris Sold Sheet: Compiled list off hair systems allocated to Chris's investment, pasted into sheet once sold

Quotes: Preliminary quotes from stock vendors. Once a factory is given the order it is then copied into the ORDERS tab.

Orders: Tracking list of orders sent to stock vendors

Wish list - Chris List: Lauren's list of stock items to buy with Chris' $7000 investment
SALES YOURS AND YHM Sales Funnel Contact list for sales, postcard mailer/newsletter addresses
SALES PROMOS, UPGRADES, AND DISCOUNTS 2022 New Year Promo:Salons that have utilized the 1 time only Free Shipping Promo

Upgrades to Clients: Upgrades made to clients at YHM cost that we will have to built into a client's future order

Salon Discounts:Permanent discounts/concessions given to a salon client
TRAINING MANUAL & SOP MANUAL SOP and Training Manual Topics Needed Brainstorming of topics needed for the following documents

SOP:Standard Operating Procedures: Step by Step Guides to YHM Processes

Training Manual: Information on all facets of the business from hair systems to billing and everything in between
TRAINING MANUAL & SOP MANUAL YHM Glossary Hair System Lingo and commonly used words with definitions
YHM WEBSITE - BLOG YHM Blog Articles Brainstorming ideas for future blog posts and also tracking completed posts