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Stick It Contours

Looking for a light, thin Toupee and Wig tape that holds like the Hoover Dam? Look no further than Stick It. Stick It can provide 1-2 weeks of rock-solid hold and defies breakdowns with ease. It is incredibly lightweight and comfortable on the scalp. In the words of our friends over at Hair Direct “Hard to believe something this thin provides an incredible hold—but it does!” Not only does this tape boast an amazingly high tack, but it is also fairly easy-to-clean up. We put years of industry knowledge behind this Wig and Toupee tape so that once you detach it, it virtually peels right off. Our Stick It is sweat-proof and is tried and tested to keep a tight bond even in the most humid, damp environments like sunny South Florida. Being based in South Florida, we know how important appearances are so we engineered this Toupee and Wig tape to have exceedingly low shine as to not attract any unwanted attention.

  • Base: Lace
  • Shine: Low
  • Medical Grade
  • Hold: Extended Wear (1-2 Weeks)


Step 1: Peel the scored line on strips and contours
Step 2: Place tape onto the system where you want it, carefully avoiding touching the adhesive. 
Step 3: Remove the remaining liner, and apply it to your client's scalp.


All contours come in packs of 36