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April 03, 2021 4 min read

Also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, or AGA, Male Pattern Baldness is the most common type of hair loss experienced by men, with the large majority of men suffering from some amount of thinning hair or baldness by the time they reach fifty years of age. The experience of thinning hair can leave one with confusion as to why it even started to begin with.

Maybe It's Male Pattern Baldness. . .

Norwood Scale of Balding Stages 1-4 | Male Pattern Baldness | Hair Loss Norwood Scale of Balding Stages 5-7 | Male Pattern Baldness | Hair Loss
[Norwood Scale of Balding. 1st Image: Phases 1-4, 2nd Image: Phases 5-7]


Male Pattern Baldness happens when the hair follicles on your scalp react to your male sex hormones, which is the reason that this type of hair loss is only seen in men. The hormones cause the hair follicles to shrink until eventually they are only able to grow very fine hair with a peach-fuzz like texture. The level of sensitivity with which the hair follicles on your scalp respond to the baldness-causing sex hormones is hereditary, so men often experience the same severity and type of Male Pattern Baldness that their male family members have.

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Male Pattern Baldness can start as early as puberty, when your body starts producing these male sex hormones. Some young men start to notice a receding hairline by their late teens, especially around their temples, and one-quarter of all men notice thinning hair by age twenty-one. The incidence of Alopecia in men increases with age, and about two-thirds of all men experience a degree of Male Pattern Baldness by age thirty-five.

Most men go through the unhappy experience of losing as least some of their hair, in addition to experiencing the depression and identity loss that often accompanies it. While hair loss itself is a physically harmless, usually hereditary trait, the emotional trauma it can cause is very real.  

In today’s society, appearance is linked to health and vitality, so hair loss can fundamentally change the way a man views himself and his own health and success. In a world where a full head of hair is a symbol of youth and success, men suffering from hair loss can experience a real blow to their confidence and self-image. Hair loss can trigger anxiety and apprehension that can affect a man’s career and romantic relationships, and eventually his well being and potential for wealth and success.

Could it be Male Pattern Baldness? | The STRAND by YOUR HAIR MATTERS | Learn about Non Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Once you start noticing hair loss, there isn’t a sure way of knowing how much of your hair you will ultimately lose, or how quickly you will lose it. You can take a look at how your older male family members have experienced hair loss, but their outcome does not guarantee how you will look at their age. While there are a lot of unknowns once you start noticing clumps of hair on your pillow and in the shower, most Male Pattern Baldness is progressive, so if it starts, it will most likely get worse.

If you are suffering from hair loss and the psychological effects that accompany it, you are probably wondering whether there is something you can do to reverse it or prevent further loss. Whether you are suffering from Male Pattern Baldness or hair loss from a different cause, don’t lose hope. Recent advances in hair restoration techniques provide multiple options for treating and preventing hair loss. Hair restoration is a way to regain your confidence and get your identity and your life back. There are several types of hair restoration.

Successful hair restoration can be achieved through pharmaceutical, surgical, or cosmetic methods, or a combination of these techniques. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved topical minoxidil, commonly known by the brand name Rogaine, Finasteride, or Propecia, for the treatment of hair loss. Minoxidil, typically used for high blood pressure has been shown to improve blood flow to hair follicles when applied directly to the scalp. Before taking any pharmaceuticals to treat Male Pattern Baldness, you should discuss possible side effects with your Doctor. Science is advancing every day and additional drugs are being looked at as effective treatments as well.

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A surgical approach to hair replacement is a hair transplant. The science of hair replacement has advanced immensely over the years to produce a natural-looking full head of hair for viable candidates. If you elect for a hair transplant be prepared for the financial requirements to achieve a more instantaneous gratification of reversing your hair loss. During a hair transplant, the client is given anesthesia, and healthy hair follicles are moved from another part of the body (called the “donor site”) to the areas of the scalp that are affected by hair loss. A hair transplant procedure is not typically a one-and-done surgery—it can take multiple procedures before achieving permanent results. The amount of time required for recovery from a hair transplant can also be extensive.

Non-Surgical options include Men's Hair Systems which produce natural looking results that allow you to avoid surgery and get right back to your lifestyle. Hair Systems are made from real human hair and are attached to a base system that is then adhered to your head with a strong adhesive. The adhesive allows you to go about your every day life exercising, showering, swimming, running, etc. just like you would if you had your original hair. They can be removed, cleaned, and re-applied every 4-6 weeks for better comfort.

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To begin the process of hair restoration with a hair system, you can order our starter kit. If you'd like to speak with a hair system user to talk more about your options, you can schedule a free consultation

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Research and knowledge is growing in the area of hair restoration, but there is no need to wait to address your hair loss. Some of the treatments that are available today can bring back your confidence and looks immediately. We're always here to help you get back to YOU.