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April 06, 2021 4 min read

If you have noticed that your hair looks dry, frizzy, and damaged, and that it is prone to breakage, there is a good chance that it has reached that point partly due to low levels of natural keratin in your hair. In addition to low keratin levels causing weakness, heat treatments like flat irons and curling irons, blow-drying, harsh styling products, and UV rays exacerbate the damage. Damaged hair has a raised cuticle layer that causes the hair to be fragile and to look dull and lifeless. Once the cuticle layer is raised, more moisture is able escape, and so without intervention, dry and damaged hair becomes a downward spiral causing more damage to itself while left untreated.

YOUR HAIR MATTERS | Keratin Treatment Before and After | Men's Hair Systems

While many people think the primary purpose of keratin masks is to straighten curly hair, the benefits of keratin extend well beyond that. Yes, keratin serum is very effective for straightening, but it can also be used for rebuilding and strengthening hair. Keratin serum or a keratin mask can go a long way in rehabilitating your hair by actually repairing the physical damage to your hair. If your naturally low level of keratin is causing damage and weakness in your hair, a man-made keratin hair mask or keratin hair serum can repair the damage and leave your hair looking silky and healthy. It works as a semi-permanent treatment that makes your hair smooth and adds shine by forming a protective coat over each hair. A keratin mask treatment can give your hair resilience and reduce breakage and split ends.

Keratin is a fibrous structural protein that makes up hair, nails, and the outer layer of our skin (in animals, it also makes up feathers, horns, claws, and hooves). Keratin makes up to 91 percent of your hair and it contains essential amino acids that give your hair its strength. In skin, keratin can also protect you epithelial cells, the cells that are found on the outer layer of your skin, from damage.

YOUR HAIR MATTERS | Keratin Treatment Before and After | Men's Hair Systems

Keratin treatments have gained popularity in the past decade. When they first became popular, they sometimes contained ingredients like methylene glycol or formaldehyde, which have now been banned due to health concerns. Because hair can only tolerate about one percent extra keratin, formulas now include added beneficial ingredients instead of the harmful ingredients of a decade or more ago. For example, proteins from corn, vegetables, soy, and wheat can supplement the regenerative effects of keratin serum, and strengthening ingredients like glyoxylic acid-carboncysteine are added to enhance the smooth and shiny finish that you are looking for from a keratin mask. Another benefit to getting a keratin mask it that it will reduce the amount of time you spend each day drying and styling your hair.

Keratin can be found in shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and other hair treatments that are available for purchase at grocery stores and beauty supply stores. Many at-home hair products are infused with keratin serum for an affordable and easy treatment, and a professional at a salon can administer the strongest keratin masks and keratin hair serums. Hair masks can be especially effective to leave your hair smoother, softer, and stronger. A keratin hair mask can be left in to allow more time to treat your hair. Using keratin can protect your hair from breaking down, so that your hair will have a better chance of growing to your desired length.

YOURS™ Keratin King Weekly Protectant by YOUR HAIR MATTERS | Best Hair Products for Men's Hair Systems

The cost of a keratin mask in the salon varies depending on the salon, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $800 for a professional keratin mask. Although the treatment is a little bit expensive, it is well worth it. A keratin mask will not cause any damage to you hair and in fact, it can help your hair’s texture and strength. A keratin treatment in a salon can take one to three hours, depending on the amount of hair you have. A keratin treatment at a salon will usually start with the stylist washing your hair using a clarifying shampoo. Once your hair is prepped, the stylist may apply keratin to your damp hair, or they may dry your hair before application. Keratin treatments are usually left on for anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour.  After the allotted time, excess product will be rinsed off and then the stylist will dry and iron your hair for the sleek and glossy look that is the trademark of keratin-treated hair.

Once you receive a keratin mask or keratin serum treatment, caring for your treated hair is important to make sure that your keratin treatment lasts for as long as possible. Most stylists will recommend that you avoid washing or styling your hair for three days after receiving the treatment, although there are some stylist who will give you a go-ahead to wash and style. When you do shampoo, be sure to buy a gentle sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphates can cause the keratin mask to break down faster. A keratin treatment that is well-maintained by proper home care typically lasts from twelve weeks up to six months.

YOURS™ Keratin King Styling Serum by YOUR HAIR MATTERS | Best Hair Products for Men's Hair Systems

Unfortunately, Hair Systems are prone to frizz, especially when they contain some synthetic fibers to add white or grey hair to match the existing natural hair. Adding a Keratin treatment to your weekly regimen will help to soften and straighten the hair strands. This softness creates the most natural looking hair. The bonus is that it is also easier to manage with daily blow-drying and styling. 

Keratin masks and keratin serum treatments have advanced a long way since the early 2000s. At home treatments and new, safer ingredients offer an array of options and benefits for any type of hair.

YOURS™ Keratin King Weekly Protectant is a deeply healing treatment which restores dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. It is made up of Keratin Protein, Aloe, and Rosemary Extract which renews smoothness, manageability, and shine. It is thick, creamy, and moisturizing, safe on color treated Men’s Hair Systems.