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December 28, 2022 4 min read

How to Fix a Tear in Any Hair System

 tear in a hair system with instructions on how to fix it.

You just got your new hair system, and you love it. The new set of hair has made your self-esteem skyrocket, and everyone is complimenting it. Then, one day, you’re out jogging, and it gets caught on a low-hanging tree branch and tears. Now the piece is ruined, and you have no idea where to begin fixing it. 

A plethora of things can happen that will tear a wig. A baby might have grabbed your hair and pulled it just enough to warrant a tear. You may have handled it a bit too rough when you were in a rush and tore it while putting it on. 

Whatever the inconvenient situation may be, tears in hair pieces happen more frequently than you think. Most would think they would need to buy an entirely new piece, but there are other ways to fix it. While there are many different kinds of hair systems out there, here are ways to fix a terrible tear that may have ruined your day.


Before You Begin


Before you start fixing your damaged piece, you need to take some precautions to make sure the process goes as planned. You will only need a comb and some acetone to prepare for this.

  1. Wet the hair until it is damp. This will make it easier to work with during the process.
  2. Comb the wig until tangle free. This will make it easier for you.
  3. Turn the wig inside out and place it on a block so you can properly see where the tear happened.
  4. Clean the ripped area thoroughly with acetone. This will make it easier to put it back together, as most hair pieces get a buildup of some sort after some time using it. 
  5. If the rip is especially large, it can help to pin the edges together, so they stay close together. 


Fix It With Tape

This is the most straightforward and quick way to fix a tear in a hair system. While it may not be as long-lasting as other methods, it will get the job done and get you back to wearing your wig again in no time. This process requires lace front tape, 3m transpore tape, and just a little of your time.

  1. Take both the edges of the tears and put them together. Press the lace front tape on firmly. This is important for it to stay on in the long run.
  2. If too much tape or pieces are hanging off, take some small scissors and cut off any excess. Just be careful not to reopen the tear.
  3. Place the 3m transpore tape over the lace front tape and try to make it the same size. Correct sizing will ensure the adhesion process is done correctly and stays together.

Let the piece sit for a bit to make sure it stays together. This is important to avoid any future tears in the same area. When it’s done, take the wig off the block and do your own attachment method. Just like that, you can wear your wig again with confidence!


Fix It With Sewing

This method is more complicated as not everyone is good with needlework. However, needlework proves to be the most long-lasting solution and will ensure the tear won’t be reopened later. It is also far less visible to the naked eye than if you used tape, which is possible if you aren’t cautious about how you do it. You’ll need a needle and some thread for this solution.

  1. Find a thread color similar to the lace on your wig. The thread color ensures no one notices the repair when you put your piece back on. Transparent thread is an optimal choice if you can’t find a color match.
  2. You’re going to do an overcast stitch into the two ends of the tear. Take the needle and thread, go over and under, and make sure the two ends are tight and secure. You will take the thread and try to measure how much you need. 
  3. When you have finished stitching it to the end of the tear, double knot the end and clip off any thread hanging off it.

There you have it – your hair system is back and good as new! 

Now, you can put your hair back on and feel great out in the world again! This method will be sure to hold the tears together and pay off for all that handy work you did. Ultimately, sewing together the pieces will serve more effectively than the taping method but requires more skill and time.


Tips on Avoiding Future Tears

While accidents do indeed happen to all of us, caring for your hair piece is truly the best way to guarantee that you don’t tear it. Here are a few ways that you can avoid any future tears and remain stress-free.

● Shampoo and condition your piece with products that contain oils. 

● When not in use, put the hair piece on a wig block or somewhere safe to ensure no accidents happen because of environmental factors.

● Don’t overuse tools that heat up your hair, such as blow dryers and curlers. Excess heat can make your hair system susceptible to tears.

● Always take your piece on and off carefully. Even when in a hurry, it is never worth an accidental tear.

 ● Be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid getting your hair piece caught by objects around you.


In the Future

Now that you’re fluent in repairing hair pieces, you can fix any tear that comes your way. However, always be careful with your wig, as it is more fragile than you think. Especially after being ripped once, it is important to be even more cautious with it. 

If you don’t have the time or energy to deal with a tear yourself, you can always call us here at Your Hair Matters. We’re happy to work with you to repair your old piece or find a replacement you’ll love just as much, if not more! Give us a call at 844-946-4247 or send us an email at