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January 04, 2023 5 min read

Tips for Working Out with a Hair System

 handsome man with a hair system working out.

One of the most commonly asked questions from people considering a hair system is whether or not you can exercise with them on. Well, you're in luck! The answer is yes, you can! 

 It's an obvious concern as anyone wearing a hair system doesn't want to damage it in any way or risk the hair system falling off while working out. It doesn't matter if your hair system is made with human hair or synthetic hair. Knowing what to expect from your hair system while exercising is essential. 

 Keep reading below as we will explain everything you need to know, along with tips and tricks about working out while wearing your hair system.


Keep a backup.


First, consider having a backup hair system when you head to the gym for an intense workout. This will save your newer hair systems from the extra wear and tear that results from working out and additional washings. Instead of tossing your old hair system when you get a new one, keep it just for going to the gym. 

 However, if you don't have an old hair system lying around, it is okay to work out in your new one. Please note that you should wait at least 24 to 48 hours after your hair system is installed before you do any major physical activity. This will give the adhesive bond time to set and remain in place. If you are only using clips, then the 24 to 48-hour rule doesn't apply to you!


Secure the hair system.


Because you will be moving faster and more vigorously than you do during your normal everyday activities, you'll need to secure the hair system with more pins or adhesive. For example, if you usually only use two pins to secure it, consider using four or six to help make it more secure. 

 When using adhesive, such as tape or glue, try using a water-resistant formula that has a strong hold. The adhesive products are a better choice for securing your hair system than clips or pins. This is because, with all the movement, your natural hair is at a higher risk of being pulled out due to the weight of the clips. 


Test your hair system.


To avoid any embarrassing situations at the gym, test your wig at home. Try doing your workout routine at home at the same pace you would at the gym. This trial will test if your hair system will stay in place. 

 If your hair system stays in place, then you are good to go! If it moves or feels uncomfortable, then you can make the necessary adjustments in the privacy of your own home. 

 Keep doing test runs at home until you are confident enough to know it won't cause any awkward moments out in public!


How will sweat affect my hair system?


It is natural to sweat while working out. For the time being, it can weaken your adhesive, but there should be no other effects on your hair system as a whole. 

 You can do some things to prevent damage to your hair system. One thing you can do is wear a wig cap to absorb any sweat or moisture. Look for a wig cap that is aerated or has a fishnet-type style for the best ventilation. These wig caps will allow more airflow to the scalp and reduce the chances of the wig getting too hot or uncomfortable. 

 You can also apply a scalp protector before attaching your hair system with adhesive. This solution will help block moisture from making contact with your hair system. 

 Another option is to wear a sweatband. A sweatband will not only add extra security in keeping your hair system in place but also help absorb the sweat. If you wear wigs, consider a synthetic wig called Halo. It is a wig that is designed to wear with a hat or headband that is open at the top. This system is an excellent well-ventilated hair system that will keep your head cooler while still giving the appearance of having great hair.


Can swimming be part of your gym routine with a hair system?


Swimming with a hair system is definitely possible! 

 As we mentioned before, make sure you wait at least 24 to 48 hours after your hair system is installed for the best bonding results. After you have waited for 24 to 48 hours, you should have no problem exposing your hair system to water. 

With that being said, it is not recommended to use a thin hair system because the base of it is very thin and may need help to handle the constant weight of wet hair. Another thing to keep in mind is the excess of chemicals like chlorine that could potentially damage your hair system. We recommend using a swimming cap when doing water exercises for added protection.  


Consider wearing a short wig or wearing your wig pulled back.


If you keep the hair off your neck and face, then it is sure to help keep you cooler. A short hair system will keep the hair off your neck and give you a cooler workout. A short hairstyle can reduce the feeling of excess heat and sweat around your neck. 

 If a short hair system is not your style, then try putting your hair system in a ponytail or braid. This is another excellent option for keeping your hair system in place. 


Make sure to clean your hair system after a day at the gym.


With moderate to intense workouts, you are likely to sweat… A LOT! If your head is bald, the sweat will absorb straight into the hair system. 

 You may want to use a skin toner on your scalp before you work out to reduce the production of oils and perspiration. Wash your hair system regularly, depending on the intensity of your workout. You will have to wash your hair system more frequently if you do cardio several times a week versus doing a low-intensity activity like yoga. 

 After you wash your hair system, make sure to detangle it to keep your hair system looking its best. If you have a gym-specific hair system, replace it with your typical day-to-day hair system to prevent the buildup of bacteria that can be harmful to your hair, skin, and scalp.


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