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December 07, 2022 5 min read

How to Store Hair Systems Efficiently 


How to store your hair system is a common question amongst the hair system-wearing community, and finding the best way to store wigs can take time, especially if you're new to the world of hairpieces. Whether you are an avid hair system-wearer or just getting started, it is essential to know how to store your hair systems in the proper way to ensure quality and longevity.

Hair Systems are a significant investment. Therefore, keeping them looking great for as long as possible is essential; the key is knowing how to store them properly for subsequent use. We understand that all hair systems naturally lose their shine and luster over time, so storing them properly is one of the most important things you can do to make your hair system last even longer.

Unlike the hair on your scalp, your hair system cannot produce the natural oils that protect head hair from sun damage or dust exposure. So, we've provided some extra precautions you can take to ensure your hair system is looking its best while you're feeling your best.


How To Prepare Hair System For Storage

Simply put, you must clean your hair system before you store it. You will want to clean and brush your hair system before storing it to maintain your hair system quality for as long as possible. Putting a hair system away before you tend is comparable to putting dirty dishes back in the cabinet before washing them. 

Wash your piece using a hair system-friendly shampoo and conditioner. The Yours™ line of hair system hair care products has been specially formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients to help keep the moisture so your hair system looks healthy, natural, and undetectable. For drying, make sure to let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer at the lowest heat setting possible. If using a hair dryer, it is recommended to spray a heat protectant beforehand. Finally, gently detangle the hair using your fingertips or a wide-tooth comb.

Having a properly cleaned and dried hair system will make life much easier for you the next time you take it out to wear it. Just make sure never to store your hair system while it is still damp. Instead, let it thoroughly dry before you put it away. If the cap or hair system is damp when you put your hair system away, it can attract mold, dust, and other pesky, unsightly substances.


Store Your Hair System Properly.

You've taken the time to buy the best hair system for yourself and prepared it for storage, but now, you're probably wondering how best to store it. Storing your hair system correctly not only helps to increase your hair system's longevity but also allows it to stay in the best condition possible so that you can feel and look your best. 

Hair systems are designed to hold up to a lot, but there are certain things you should avoid doing to your hairpiece. It is not advised to place them under direct sun or near any other heat source, as doing so can significantly damage them. 

If you store your hair system in sunlight or near heat, it will not only have a dull, more faded look, but it will also be significantly weaker. Sunlight and heat over a long period will dull the color of your wig and break down the hair fibers, resulting in the fibers being weak and brittle. When a hair system spends too much time in the heat, it may even break down and start to fall apart. 

That's why you should always store your wigs in a cool, dry place. There are a variety of methods you can use to store your hair system properly. Below, we will cover the most popular and a few unexpected ways to keep your hair system protected and stored away for the short or long term.


1. Closets And Shoe Rack Storage

Your closet is a great place to store your hair systems. Storing your hairpieces in your bedroom closet will:

 ● Keep them in a cool and dry area

● Be easy and convenient, making your wigs easily accessible 

● Keep them away from other people, small children, and pets 

Shoe racks on the back of your door are perfect for anyone with a comprehensive collection of hair systems, as they can hold many at once. Gently fold the hair system ear to ear and place it into the pocket of the shoe rack storage compartment. To reduce static, you can tuck them into a hairnet, a stocking, or the original packaging before storing them inside the bag.


2. Hair System Stands And Mannequins

The hair system mannequin head is the most popular and well-known way to store any hair system. Any stylist will tell you that a hair system stand is the absolute best place to store a hair system since this storage option will help maintain your hair system's shape and style in the best way possible. Keeping your hair system well will also make it significantly easier to clean and style and minimize the chances of tangling.

The biggest drawback with this storage option is that multiple hair system heads can take up a bit of space, but even if you don't have enough room for numerous, it is still worth investing in at least one wig stand for the hair system you use the most often. 

Pro tip: If you have a hairpiece stored on a mannequin head for an extended period of time, it's great to wrap a silk or satin scarf around it to minimize any static or dust that can appear in long-term storage.


3. Hanging Wig Stands

Lesser known than the classic hair system stand, a hanging hair system stand is an excellent option if you're short on space. Like traditional hair system stands, hanging hair system stands will prevent your hairpieces from tangling and losing their shape. They are also perfect for drying your hair systems before storing them away. Hanging hair system stands are convenient, easy to assemble, and a great space-saver.


4. Satin Wig Bags

Satin wig bags are the perfect choice for storing hair systems if you have extra room in your dresser. Super soft and lux, silk and satin hair system bags can preserve the moisture in your hair system, unlike linen or cotton, which will make your hair system weak and brittle. 

Easy to use and portable, satin hair system bags help prevent hair system friction and static, which can severely damage the hair fibers. Like some people use silk or satin pillowcases to protect their hair from the damage a cotton pillowcase can do, silk or satin hair system bags do the same to protect your hairpieces.


Final Thoughts On Wig Storage 

When storing your hair system, it's the little things that matter. No matter how you decide to store your hair systems, always make sure it is in a dry, cool place and out of direct sunlight, and your hair systems will love you for it. And pay attention to the before-storage care and cleaning. Properly caring for your hair system, it's sure to make you look and feel your best.