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November 30, 2022 4 min read

Turning Away from Hair Direct to the Right Direction


Hair Direct had been a trustworthy hair system supplier for over 25 years, so nobody really expected the sudden closure that happened earlier this year in January. Thousands of loyal paying customers were given few answers for ongoing orders; to this day, some still need their money or hair systems. 


While the company was still open for business, it was not free of problems just because of its immense popularity. We've received reports from previous customers that wait times, and the quality of customer service took a steep decline over the years.


The company itself was doing worse even before the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on the world. Customers faced long wait times for quotes and unclear timelines for receiving their pre-paid orders. All of this got worse over time, and now that the company has gone bankrupt, many people have been robbed of their hair and money.


This situation has led many customers in a frenzy to start searching for something similar to what they had before, and here at Your Hair Matters, we plan to exceed expectations. We promise to answer all your questions and meet your needs through every step of the process.


Our company has experts familiar with many Hair Direct systems, and we have open arms for taking in new orders. Here are some tips on how we can be the right supplier for you and how we can meet all of your expectations.


High-Quality Hair 


Tons of Hair Direct customers have come fleeting with questions about mimicking the quality and look of their current hair system. It's as easy as sending us your current piece if you have it on hand, and we promise to provide an even better replacement. Even without it, it's no problem; we've got it handled.


At Your Hair Matters, we don't like to label our customers as clients. Our 8-Point Hair System Evaluation will promise you higher-quality hair that's just perfect for you. You are a partner to us in this hair system purchase every step of the way, and we ensure that you will be left with a smile on your face when you finally get your new hair system.


Great Communication


Quality hair is one of many things that make a good supplier. As Hair Direct has been dodging its own clients' orders, we strive to answer every question you have along the way. Many of their previous partners have said customer service could have been 

better, and they have been hard to reach for some time before the closure. This isn't acceptable. Here at Your Hair Matters, we value your time and your needs.


We love to get into the details with our partners and get them exactly what they need in a hair system. You can email, text, or call us and get an expert consultation at the click of a button. We respond almost immediately, and our experts are ready to hear what you have to say. We can assure you that all communication is quick, clear, and efficient for the perfect ordering experience each and every time.


Reliable Timelines


On average, tons of Hair Direct customers have complained of their hair system orders taking a year to arrive. That's an unusually long wait time compared to most companies. Nobody wants to have to wait that long to have a nice head of hair.


Here at Your Hair Matters, we are known for our production times of just 30 days. With shipping included, you are guaranteed to receive your brand-new hair system in just 40-45 days. We promise clear updates of your order and are at your service for any questions you may have about when you'll be receiving your hair system.


Where To Start

Transitioning to a new hair system supplier can be stressful, but we are here to take you through the whole process. We can give you clear timelines, fast responses, and quality hair made just for you. By the end, your worries about Your Hair Matters will be washed away.


Now that you've heard of all the ways we can promise your satisfaction, it's time to start recreating that gorgeous system of yours. Our experts are well-trained and can promise a brand new and improved piece will be in your hands within 45 days of the order placement. 


Here's how you can start today:


Getting Information


Just pack up that old Hair Direct hair system and send it over to us! We can handle it if you need any cutting, styling, or additional tape in certain areas. If the color needs to look better, send in a sample of the right color. Then, we'll use your old system to replicate an even better version. 


If you want to figure out just how much your new hair system will be, you can send in a photo of the underside of the piece. Be sure to include the width and length of the system and anything else you feel is essential. You'll get a lightning-fast, accurate quote that won't disappoint.


How To Reach Us


We hope you are ready to begin this partnership journey with us now that you have all the details. We are just as excited as you are to finally be able to transition to something more reliable and fit for you. 


Call us today at (844)-946-4247, and we will have someone waiting to take your order in. If you prefer email, reach us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.