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February 02, 2023 3 min read


We're entering a new Era in Hair Systems and the Bravo is leading the path of innovation.


The most perfect hair systems are those that combine a natural hairline, but are still comfortable to wear. The BRAVO is unbelievably realistic and also adds breathability that is second-to-none.

There are things that have worked and others that haven’t over the years, but one thing remains true – the vast majority of hair system wearers prefer breathability as the number one feature behind undetectability.


What has worked and what has not worked with the Hair Systems in the past?


The vast majority of Hair Systems have the combination of Lace, Mono, or Poly (Thin Skin). Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Lace and Mono are preferred for individuals who live in warmer climates and maintain an active lifestyle.

Thin Skin wearers are those who want the most natural look, but have moderate lifestyles. As with many things in life, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution with hair systems. What one person prefers may not be ideal for another.

Yet, with all of the feedback that has been gathered for years, some commonalities do arise. That’s where the BRAVO Hair System comes in. It combines the most common features that have the best results for a diverse set of wearers.


What makes the Bravo different?


 The Bravo is unique as it’s PU perimeter takes into consideration the actual need of most individuals who wear similar systems. They are preferred for the structure of the PU which makes adhesion and application easy and also provides a nice firm hold.

The BRAVO is the only PU Perimeter in existence that variably changes the PU thickness depending on which part of the system it is.

The hairline is an Ultra Thin .03mm PU. This is because most PU at the hairline can still be detected to the human eye. It may appear as a thick line across the forehead. This ultra thin skin eliminates the appearance of the line and keeps the hairline nearly invisible.

The Ultra Thin skin around the hairline begins to transition to a thicker .06mm Thin Skin at the temples. The medium .06mm Thin Skin continues around the remaining perimeter and ensures the durability needed for regular/daily use. The lace center provides a breathability which the Thin Skin does not offer.

This is a huge improvement for those seeking that nice thin hairline because it makes sure that they don’t have to use an Ultra-Thin Skin on the entire head which does not have durability for ongoing use.




 The BRAVO excels at meeting the needs of so many because it combines the most natural hairline with durable structure around the sides and back, and the breathability that is so necessary for most hair system wearers.



The breathability allows comfort for many different lifestyles, but also to keep the scalp cool. Additionally, that lace feature allows for better scalp health than what would have been achieved with an all-Poly Thin Skin unit. During cleansing, dirt, skin, and debris buildup may be more easily washed allowing for less irritation. All-in-all, the system will not feel quite as heavy as other types of units. It carries a nice light-weight feel.