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February 01, 2023 2 min read

Have you seen people on TikTok talking about "slugging" their hair? You may be wondering what they are talking about. This new trend is a way to nourish and protect your hair systems, and it has become increasingly popular amongst those who have and wear hair systems and those who don't. Let's explore what this trend is all about. 


What Is Hair Slugging?

Example of tik tok trend #hairslugging

Hair slugging is a technique to moisturize and protect your hair and/or hair system. It involves creating a mixture of oils, including olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and other essential oils that can help keep hair healthy and hydrated. The oils are then applied directly to the scalp using a soft cloth or glove. For instance, coating the ends of the hair in YOURS™ Keratin King Styling Serum would be the perfect already specially formulated moisturizer. The concoction helps lock in moisture while providing the scalp with nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. When wearing a hair system, the application would only be to the ends of the hair system.


Benefits of Hair Slugging

Example of tik tok trend #hairslugging

One of the most significant benefits of slugging is that it helps keep your hair system shiny, soft, and healthy-looking. It also helps to reduce frizzing and breakage, keeping your hair looking good for longer. Additionally, by applying these natural oils directly to the scalp, you can promote better overall health of your scalp as these oils are absorbed into the skin, where they can nourish from within.


How To Slug Your Hair

Example of tik tok trend #hairslugging

Slugging is relatively easy – simply mix together equal parts of each oil you choose (olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil) in a bowl or cup until it forms an even consistency. Then apply this mixture directly onto your hair system using either a soft cloth or glove. Massage it into your hair for several m before wrapping it with a plastic cap or towel for 10-15 minutes to fully absorb the oils into the skin and scalp. Finally, rinse out with warm water, followed by shampoo/conditioner if desired. Alternatively, to save time and gain the best result, you could use the premixed YOURS™ Keratin King Styling Serum. This luxurious formula has been specially created to replace and lock in moisture for hair systems.

Example of tik tok trend #hairslugging
The trend of slugging has become increasingly popular due to its ability to help keep hair systems looking their best while also promoting healthier scalps long-term. Whether you wear a hair system daily or just occasionally use one for special occasions, slugging is an effective way to ensure optimal health for both your hair system and your own scalp underneath them! By mixing together, equal parts olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, and other essential oils, then applying it directly onto the scalp using either a soft cloth or glove before covering up with either a plastic cap or towel for 10-15 minutes allows users to ensure that their hair systems look glossy, smooth, and healthy - no matter how often they wear them!