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September 18, 2022 4 min read

Understanding Hair Direction

Essentially, hair direction is the direction in which your hair grows. It is a fascinating concept because everyone has a unique pattern of hair follicles with a specific direction of growth, which is also referred to as a 'grain.' This grain is determined by genetics, and there is no way it can be altered. With hair loss, the direction of your hair will become less and less apparent with the more hair you lose, giving you the option to change the direction of your hair when it comes to replacing it. 

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When choosing a hair restoration solution such as a Hair System, one consideration will be the hair direction of your chosen system. There are several factors that would potentially affect this decision, and we will be exploring them in the following article.

Embracing Your Individuality

Hair restoration solutions were typically limited to surgical procedures or allopathic medications in the past. Fortunately, the narrative has since changed, and Hair Systems have emerged as a sophisticated and reliable solution for hair loss. It is as simple as applying some adhesive to your scalp, following which your Hair System will withstand everything from sleeping to exercising and even showering. 

With their unparalleled realism, these systems will seamlessly blend into your scalp so that they are hardly noticeable. The color, length, hair type, and even the porosity can be specifically selected so that you can embrace your individuality and wear your hair in a way that is true to who you are. What's more, there are countless options when it comes to tailoring your Hair System to your expectations, requirements, and preferences. 

Choosing A Hair Direction

 Another aspect of your Hair System that can be tailored is the hair direction, otherwise known as the grain. It is essential to keep in mind that the specific hair direction you choose will determine the overall appearance of the hair system and how you can style it, so it is something that should be carefully considered. 

Many people will select a hair direction similar to their actual hair. It is the more straightforward option since you already know how to wear and style your hair in the direction you were born with. Alternatively, this might be an opportunity for you to try something that you have always wanted to but never had the chance. If so, choosing a completely different hair direction is the perfect time to experiment, explore, and truly make your Hair System your own.

The Most Common Hair Directions

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Of course, someone's hair direction is as individual and unique as they are. However, we are going to cover some of the most common hair directions, as it is likely that the hair direction you had or want falls under one of these categories:

Freestyle – A freestyle Hair System doesn't have a hair direction. It is quite a popular style because it gives you the freedom to change the direction and parting of your hair whenever you want. If you are partial to an effortlessly messy or tousled look, then freestyle would be your best option.

Center Crown – As the name implies, a center crown is where the direction of growth starts from the center of your head. This style is quite a flexible option because it means that the rest of your hair will be freestyle as it moves away from the center crown. You could ask for a more defined hairstyle for a center crown with a right or a left parting.

Right Crown – With this style, the crown is placed to the right of your head. This means that the direction of the hair growth will be flowing away from the crown. This style is a good choice for those who have a particular hairstyle in mind. For example, if you want a comb-over or a side part, you would brush your hair towards the left. To get the most out of the right crown style, the hair is combed towards the opposite side of the crown, giving a more natural look to the hair system. 

Left Crown – A left crown is the same type of hair system as a right crown, except that the crown is located towards the left of your head rather than the right. It is an excellent option for those who want a gentle natural parting. What's more, if a comb-over or a side part appeals to you, then you would have to brush your hair towards the right. Combing your hair in the opposite direction of the crown will be an easy and convenient way to style it.

Center Parting – With this style, a subtle but pronounced parting goes down the middle of your scalp.

Left And Right Parting – A parting on the left or right side of your scalp, respectively. These styles are pretty restrictive when styling your hair, but some people prefer the certainty and simplicity offered by these partings.

Left And Right Break – These are quite similar to their left and right parting counterparts. The only difference is that the parting is much less pronounced, and it is covered with hair so that none of the scalp is visible.

Flat Back – This style has the potential to be quite distinctive and dramatic. It is a classic hairstyle that has seen a resurgence in recent years. An effective styling technique is to slick it back.