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November 23, 2022 3 min read

I Can’t Believe I Have a Full Head of Hair Again


When I started noticing my receding hairline, I didn’t know what to do. I knew I didn’t want to shave my head – I had tried that before, and it looked horrendous on me. Some people can pull it off and look great bald, but not me. Regardless, I knew I had to do something because it was starting to look really bad, just having less than half a head of hair. I was only 42 at the time and wasn’t ready to feel as old as I looked with my newfound receding hairline.

 So, I went to the doctor. I tried all the medications I could get my hands on. I purchased all the vitamins and drank all the super juice. I signed up for regular scalp massages and asked my wife to rub oil along my hairline every night (which she wasn’t happy about). Nothing was working, and I was quickly losing faith. Would this really be the rest of my life? 


Why I Avoided Hair Transplants

 Transplants aren’t always smooth procedures that leave the patient with a luscious, full head of hair. A friend of mine mentioned that he had gotten a hair transplant a few years back and loved it. His hair didn’t look great if I’m being honest, but he did have a thin layer of dark hair across the top of his head. So, I started to look into it a bit. I did some online research and talked to people like my doctor and my barber. I quickly realized the potential reward wasn’t worth the risk. 

 More often than not, these operations don’t provide the results most people are hoping for. It ends up being a colossal disappointment and a waste of time and money. Plus, you have to go back for touch-up procedures over time. But the worst part of all is the risk of post-procedure pain, scalp irritation, itching, and infection.

 After considering everything, I realized a hair transplant might not be the right move for me. Then, I started exploring cheaper and safer options, like hair systems.


How I Discovered Hair Systems

Happy hair system replacement wearer. hair direct, hair replacement, hair system, hair transplant

 My wife first told me when my hairline started to recede that I should look into hair systems. I didn’t take her seriously because when I heard “hair systems,” I was thinking about wigs and hairpieces! I had never been a fan of wigs or hairpieces, and I thought they were all itchy and obvious. It made me feel silly, picturing myself putting on a head of fake hair every morning.

Once all other options had been explored, I finally googled hair systems. I was surprised at the installation process and how you could even shower with specific systems on. It was at this point that I found Your Hair Matters, they helped me customize the hair system to fit my head shape, general needs, and preferences. I could pick any length, texture, color, or style; the options were endless. 

However, I still needed some time and the YHM team was so patient with me. After a week of pondering, I ordered my first hair system from them.  Once it arrived I took it to my barber to have it cut to the right shape. Within an hour, I walked out of that salon with a full head of hair, even better than I could have hoped. Honestly, my new hair system looked better than my natural hair ever did!

I loved my hair system so much that I even bought a second one so that I could rotate the two. Now, I feel confident when I go outside – more confident than I’ve ever felt! I look better, I feel better, and my hair system is easier to take care of than natural hair.  I was so happy that I chose to work with the Your Hair Matters team. They are knowledgeable, patient and fast! 

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